What is IssueHunt?

IssueHunt is a funding platform for OSS. Anyone can fund any issues on open-source projects with some money which will be distributed to its maintainers and contributors.

The original reason why we made this was to reward our contributors of Boostnote project. For two years, this project become very huge. We've got over 8,400 Github stars, a hundread of contributors and lots of donations. And for now, our community members lead development of this project mainly.

So we thought that it should be nice if we spend all of the donations for our contributors. To prove the concept, we made and provided a prototype of IssueHunt as a bounty program to the Boostnote community. After we started it, we've got a successful result. Many issues were resolved in a few days and our community become full of energy again.

By this, we've realized IssueHunt could enhance sustainability of open-source ecosystem. That's the reason why we revealed this app to public. Please try IssueHunt today!

Thank you, The BoostIO Team.

How it Works:

Four steps to use IssueHunt for MAINTAINERS.

  1. Sign up to IssueHunt using your Github account.
  2. Add your repository to IssueHunt.
  3. Wait for rewards and pull requests.
  4. After receive a pull request and merge on github, please approve the reward application on issueHunt. You can get 20% of each issue's reward.

Six steps to use IssueHunt for CONTRIBUTORS.

  1. Sign up to IssueHunt using your Github account.
  2. Find issues on repository.
  3. Click Start work button for the Issue you want to resolve.
  4. After make a pull request on Github, then submit its url to an output form.
  5. Once if your work is approved by maintainer, the bounty money on the Issue will be rewarded directly into your account. You can check your balance on My Wallet page.
  6. Send an apply for withdrawal from your wallet.

📣 And also, you can donate to any issues to boost other developers to resolve it.