10 Android trend of Product Hunt

October 3, 2018


1.Isometric Game Art Pack

dbba9574aacdab3136d68ae4f849a1ed.png The Free isometric game art pack was a great success! Lots of game devs just like you LOVED it and asked for more. That's why I've made the Upgraded Version. More objects, more buildings, more platforms, more everything. This bundle includes: 250_ elements: platforms, tiles, characters, buildings, & much more. Cheers!

2.HQ Trivia for Android

22a6dcf4edab03db8b81c113b30c902b.png A new live trivia game show. Play live every day at 9P EST. Weekdays at 3P EST. Coming for Android this Christmas.✨

3.Slice It

edbfdad32d2221c5a3362ed2ad67ad4d.png Can you reach 10K score? Inspired by xonix game - slice the shape while avoiding enemies on the way and collect fruits and power ups to increase your score!


10b751e9e6e227e06ced7a4301176c1a.png Showtime is the live trivia game show with real cash prizes. Every day at 10 pm IST sharp. Download the app and tune in it at 10 pm to compete in a live quiz with thousands of other players as our host takes you through the show filled with Bollywood, cricket and other India-related trivia. It’s "Who wants to be a millionaire" from the future!


c6a2a457c16dec3bc7f42884d9153b02.png A new game show on iPhone. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT

6.AirConsole 2.0

bb3c30017a61eb119052d4014d8de462.png AirConsole is a true social cloud-based video game console.

7.Pick and Survive

cab385f26572c5cda8e80623017f6f31.png Pick & Survive is a puzzle and platform game where the player must get the maximum number of points while completing the different levels. To do so, you must pick items that you will be encountering to overcome the different obstacles you may face. Up to a total of 10 totally different levels are waiting for the bravest players.

8.Candy Math

1afe8d4922ea878e50aa6f389ee493d1.png Mathematics is the most challenging and important subject for boys & girls. While addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the fundamental concepts everyone is expected to master, Mathematics is much more than this. Candy Math is a new game that ensure that you learn to solve math problems quickly in your mind without any errors.

9.Escape Team

6a714013a0b731c14dedbbade24e4212.png Cut, fold and draw to solve Escape Team's puzzles, racing against a countdown on your mobile phone. Print your mission (you'll find it as a free download on www.escape-team.com), gather some friends, and start defusing bombs, rescuing hacked elevators, and saving airplanes from crashing.

10.Stranger Things: The Game

1197162751a30478f399f63121971ef6.png Stranger Things - The Game is a way for fans to prepare for Season 2 of the award winning show by joining Hopper and the kids on a new, action-packed adventure.

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