10 Best Eclipse plugins for developer

October 2, 2018



FindBugs is a free and an open-source plugin which is used by developers to find bugs in the Java Code.
The plugin is enabled to analyze Java programs compiled for any Java version from 1.0 to 1.8. FindBugs offers cloud storage features for developers working together to find and share information about issue evaluations.


This plugin is very useful because it enables the use logger in Java projects.
Log4E supports various logging frameworks, such as Log4J, JDk 1.4 logging and SLF4J. Some of the extended features provided by Log4E include prreview wizard, editable templates, using Jakarta string generator for common logging frameworks, prrederence scope etc.


Myln has a focused interface and it provides a task management tool to the developers. Moreover, it helps to integrate rich editing tools like Jira, Bugzilla and Trac, and monitor activities.

Spring IDE

This is a suite of plugins which provide support for Spring Framework to the Eclipse IDE. It creates support for Spring AOP (aspect oriented programming). Developers can also make use of wixards as well as textual and graphical editors for creating Spring configuration files and new Spring projects.


This another beautiful free and open source Eclipse IDE plugin that offers integration for the Eclipse Team Framework with GIT. It provides support, synchronizes view, reading for .git/ execlude files, provides rebasing and has streamlined commands for pulling and pushing.


This is a powerful solution for integrating eclpse IDE with Perforce Helix Versioning Engine. P4Eclipse provides a developer-oriented set of features from within the eclipse Team Framework that support a wide range of Agile and traditional development workflows.

Eclipse Checkstyle

Checkstyle plug-ins can be integrated to IDE Eclipse and it ensures the Java code follows the coding standards. It enables Java developer to write Java code that adheres to the applicable coding standards by pointing out programs which deviate from the defined coding rules. The discovered violations/deviations are available as code editor annotions as wellas in eclipse Problems View and Checkstyle Violations Views.


Eclim a plugin useful for integrating the various code editing features of Eclipse IDE with Vim, a popular text editor supporting several programming languages. Important features that can be accesssed by developers include code completion, code validation, Java doc and source searching, support for Checkstyle and regular expression texting.

Apache IvyDE

This plugin is extremely useful for integrating Apache Ivy, a dependency manager with Eclipse IDE.Apache IvyDE provides powerful features, such as Java dependency management, support for transitive dependencies,IVy XML files editor, managed class path container and reverse dependency explorer amongst multiple projects.


hibernator is a useful plugin that helps to create or update schema run hibernate queries and create mapping documents. The user can sybchronize a Java class to a related mapped file.

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