10 Best Netbeans Plugins for Developers

October 2, 2018


1. easyUML

UML stands for unified modelling language, this UML is used for representing many relations between classes like inheritance, aggregation etc.
The easyUML plugin provides the tools to work with UMLs like class diagrams.

This tool is of immense important to students as when they are learning object-oriented programming for the first time they can use the easyUML plugin to make the class diagrams to avoid any confusion like what are the relations between classes etc.

2. EasyPmd

EasyPmd is a tool that analyses code and has the ability to look out for about 400 problems possibly the bugs.
It can check bad practices in the code. Example: Suppose you write a program that uses try catch.

But you didn’t put any code in the try catch leaving it empty which is meaningless, the easyPmd plugin will notify you that you have an empty try catch block thus saving you some lines of code which can compile to a lot of lines of code when dealing with bigger problems(bugs).

3. JSLint

JSLint plugin is for those programmers who write a lot of javascript code.
This tool scans the source code and checks if there are any problems.
If a problem exists it displays the error in the editor.

4. Gluon plugin

This plugin lets you develop java applications that can be used not only on Android but amazingly on IOS also.

5. Darcula LAF for netbeans

This plugin is for those people who do a lot of coding day/night. This plugin gives darker colour scheme to the netbeans editor.
As a result, it is much easier and relaxing to code at night and therefore you can code longer periods of time.

6. Git Toolbar

This plugin simply adds a customized toolbar at the top of netbeans which contains all the common git commands.
This toolbar with common git commands will definitely save the programmer both the struggle and time in the long run.

7. Additional Java Hints

This plugin does exactly what it sounds like, it gives you additional hints or information when you are writing code which will result in quality code being written by the programmer and will remove any chance of writing bogus code.

8. Checkstyle Beans

This plugin annotates the code that breaks any of the rules by underlining it in yellow and adding a tag at the side.
We use it to check we have whitespace in our code so that it’s clear and easy to read.

9. ez-on-da-ice

This plugin allows you to create an easy for the eyes look and feel of the NetBeans IDE by reverting the colors.

10.NetBeans PDF Viewer

This plugin can open PDFs in a JavaFX Viewer.

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