10 recommended assets for Unity

October 2, 2018



UFPS is an ultimate first-person shooting asset.
It provides complete control of first-person shooting controls. You can include any type of weapon animation in this asset like fire burner throw grenades, swat protection shield.
Unique feature of this asset is, you can include any weapons without including its reload and switch animation and it will automatically create effects that realize user that this weapon has reloaded or switch animation but in reality, it is done by the coding.

2. Advanced Sniper Starter Kit

Advance sniper starter kit is one of the best kit for sniper game, it has complete functionality of sniper gun that includes zoom in, zoom out, holding breadth mechanism and buller follow in slow motion.

3. Realistic Car Controller

You can use Realistic Car controller asset to make your car racing game very easily in unity 3d.
It provides front wheel drive, rear wheel drive functionality and also drifting setting for desert safari games.
You can easily integrated this asset in multiplayer games.

4. Photon Unity Network PUN Plus

Photon unity network is very famous among developers which can be used to develop multiplayer game for smartphone in a very easy way. Developers can create rooms to connect player from all over the world. It has peer to peer connectivity model so every player will enjoy this game even you still be able to play game if the master player (the one who is the admin of that room) leave the room.

5. Ball Pool (Billiard) Multiplayer AI Template

Ball pool is paid asset on unity asset store, it provides developer to create snooker game very easily on unity 3d. It has artificial intelligence script to play this game in offline mode, it can also integrate it with photon unity network to play this game in multiplayer mode.

6. Universal Fighting Engine (SOURCE)

Universal fighting engine is a complete package to make fighting game on unity 3d.
You don’t need to code anything to include new features, it has a complete package of editor tool to include characters make custom powers and effects in game.
You can also integrate PUN plus package into your project which help you to add the functionality of multiplayer mode.

7. Sci-Fi VFX

img Sci-fi vfx is the shader asset it a complete package for making sci-fi games on unity 3d. It include Scanner, Laser beam, Blaster, Engine Flare, Shields, Hologram, etc.

8. City-Building Kit

City building kit is the complete package to make clan game on unity 3d, it include building upgrading system, make your army and complete integration of multiplayer game functionality and save player progress on servers, so player can attack on other city and it will save his progress on server so he can continue his game even after change his mobile phone.

9. Third Person Controller - Basic Locomotion Template

This package has complete functionality to develop open world game, player can interact with environmental change and upgrade its weapons and play same game map with different experiences.

10. AI Behavior

AI behavior fives facility to make any FPS game AI by using AI behavior.
It has different state like idle, follow attack, range attack follow and attack, seeking petrol etc.

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