13 Python GUI Libraries

October 2, 2018


1. Tkinter

Tkinter is a toolkit that can form GUI with Python.
This allows you to run Python scripts in GUI format.
The URL is Tkinter's tutorial page.

2. Flexx

Many Python GUI libraries are based on libraries written in other languages such as "C ++" like "wxWidgets" "libavg".
Flexx is created in Python.
Using Web technology, if it has Python and browser anywhere works.

3. CEF Python

This framework targets Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. It is based on Google Chromium. Its focus is largely on the facilitation of embedded browser use in third-party applications.

4. Dabo


The target of this framework is WxPython.
This is a 3-tier framework. Dabo is a cross-platform application development framework.

5. Kivy

Kivy is based on OpenGL ES 2.
It has a native multi-touch for every single platform.
This framework is event-driven.
It is based around the main loop.
It is extremely suitable for developing games.

6. Pyforms

Pyforms is a Python 2.7/3.x cross-environment framework used to develop GUI application.
Code reusability is encouraged in this framework.

7. PyGObject

With PyGObject, you can write Python applications for the GNOME project.
You can write a Python application using GTK+ as well.

8. PyQt

Qt is a cross-platform framework. It is written in C++. It is a very comprehensive library. It includes many tools and APIs. It is widely used in many industries. It covers a lot of platforms.

9. PySide

There is an application / user interface (UI) framework written in "C ++" language called Qt (cute).
"PySide" is a wrapper of "Qt".
The difference with PySide is that PyQt is commercially available.

10. PyGUI

PyGUI targets Unix, Macintosh, and Windows platforms.
The focus of this MVC framework is to fit into the Python ecosystem with as much ease as possible.

11. libavg

It is a third-party library.
It is written in C++. It has been scripted from Python.
It has the following properties:

  • Display elements in the form of Python variables
  • Event handling system
  • Timers
  • Support for logging

12. PyGTK | PyGObject

"GTK + ", which is commonly used in Linux, is a" GTK + "wrapper of" PyGTK ".
Compared to Kivy and PyQt, PyGUI is fairly easy for Unix, Macintosh, Windows platforms.
The MVC framework developed by Dr. Greg Ewing of Canterbury University in New Zealand focuses on conforming to the Python ecosystem as easily as possible.

13. wxPython

There is a cross-platform GUI toolkit written in "C ++" called "wxWidgets" wxPython is its binding.

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