A brand new look for IssueHunt 🦉

June 18, 2019


Since the launch in 2018, IssueHunt has become a platform used by tens of thousands of developers around the world, helping build essential OSS projects in the Internet stack.

Famous open-source projects such as Jekyll, Material-UI, AntDesign, NW.js and over 8,000 repositories have joined IssueHunt already.

Company like Softbank and Microsoft are sponsoring us to help fuel our mission to create a sustainable open source ecosystem.

Today, we are introducing our new look! Visit our redesigned IssueHunt website and start contributing to OSS.


IssueHunt membership program

IssueHunt has been collecting funds from corporations on behalf of open source projects.

Over $100k USD is available already for open source where companies like SoftBank, Microsoft and LINE are sponsoring the program. Collected funds will be distributed to promising open source.

Join the IssueHunt membership and support open-source from today 🤝

Grow open source together.

With love, KZ from IssueHunt Team