Top 10 ATOM Recommended Theme for 2018

October 1, 2018


There is no doubt that ATOM is one of the best code editors developed by Github. It has all the features that we all are looking for the very long time. It is a complete power packet having various packages and themes. It’s true that ATOM has a very elegant default theme but rest of that theme, it has lots of other alternatives. Let's have a look!


This beautiful dark matte ATOM UI theme is a part of City Lights theme having prettier error messages, optimized search & replace toolbar and different interface icons that are customized according to your need.

Atom Material UI

This dynamic theme is designed according to the Google's Material Design Guidelines.
It is inspired by Mattia Astorino's Sublime Text theme.


It is a colorful and intuitive syntax theme that looks absolutely stunning. This theme has three released version and each have its own importance.

Monokai theme


This theme is a conversion of TextMate theme that is converts by using the TextMate bundle converter.
It provides a very clean and clear view. Its last version is released on May 5, 2017.


It's time to experience better coding in macOS High Sierra having transparent blur effect for the directory list. Grab the opportunity to work with Apple’s new system font - San Francisco. It gives you the better structured search results that you have ever imagined!

Dash-UI Theme

Have a beautiful and vibrant working environment with Dash UI theme. It is a matching UI theme for dash-syntax which gives you a clean and clear working space.


This theme has smooth, non-obtrusive transitions for UI components. Moreover, it introduced floating modal that overlays with a big font type. This theme includes optimized styles to get a continue and uniform UI experience.

Isotope UI Theme

This extraordinary theme offers you numerous isotopes that match any syntax theme. One can change its appearance effortlessly. Get an absolute the perfect contrast that will enhance your favourite syntax theme. Apart from that this theme is easily configurable.


Get a new styles for overlays and the status bar by installing this pristine- ui theme. It provides you a tree view structure of files and folders. One can also change the font size to scale the whole UI up or down or they have an option to pick among 3 Tab Sizing modes.
Hide the dock buttons.

Atom Visual Studio Code UI Light Theme

If you are habitual of working in visual studio and found difficulty while working in ATOM then this theme is a absolutely the perfect option for you. It gives you the exact feeling of Visual Studio Code. there are various packages in this theme that you should install to have a full-fledge experience.

All and all these 10 Atom themes are highly recommended that gives you all the features without doing any hard work. Just install and see the magic!

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