Top 10 Node JS Framework

October 2, 2018


1. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is a Node.js web framework used to build application program interfaces.
The framework has a solid plugin system.
Some of its features include:

  • Input validation
  • Configuration-based functionality
  • Implement caching
  • Error handling


img is a Node.js server framework used to build real-time web applications.
It allows event-driven communication between web clients and server. works both as a client-side library and as a server-side library.

3. Express.js

Express.js is one of the important web frameworks for Node.js.
It is a framework used for building a host of web and mobile applications.
It is also used to build application programming interfaces.

4. Mojito

Mojito is a JavaScript framework.
Mojito can run on both the client side and the server.
Mojito is an MVC framework, and it offers various features.

5. Meteor

Meteor is an open-source, model-view-controller (MVC) framework for building websites and web/mobile applications.

6. Derby

Derby is an MVC framework for both client-side and server-side.
It is used to create mobile and web applications.
It uses server rendering which allows fast page loads, search engine support and HTML templates.

7. Mean.js

Mean.js is a framework to build web applications using NoSQL database, MongoDB as well as Angular.js for the front-end and Express.js/Node.js for the backend.

8. Sails.js

Sails.js uses MVC pattern to implement APIs.
It is used in building real-time chat applications, dashboards, and multiplayer games.
It is used to create browser-based applications.

9. Koa.js

Koa.js is used to build web applications and APIs.
It uses generators to deal with callbacks and increase the capabilities for handling errors.

10. Total.js

Total.js works on model-view-controller (MVC) software architecture.
It is extensible and asynchronous.
It supports RESTful routing mechanism.
It also supports web sockets and media streaming.

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