Top 10 popular php projects in github

October 3, 2018


1.Design Patterns PHP

074a378e1adacbc43e1e017d30a564cd.png This repository is created by Domnikl.
I like this repository because of the sample code of different design patterns and how developers could implement these patterns in PHP projects.
Every pattern has a small list of examples (most from Zend Framework, Symfony 2 and Doctrine 2).


d23fc995c8723f7c9d6309ce13091a51.png Created by Fzaninotto, Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for your projects.
Whether you need to bootstrap a database, create good-looking XML documents, fill-in the persistence for stress testing or anonymize data taken from a production service, Faker is the best tool for the job.


14c2abc145b9190ad96bd32ed527cecc.png Created by team PHPMailer, this is a full featured email sending class for PHP projects.
This class is a great replacement for the mail() function provided by PHP.


bf65130d61b2b76d95ff1d42f23b9174.png Created by Monicahq, Monica is a great app for keeping track of activities of friends and family members.
Through this simple app, developers could create custom projects that implement action tracking of specific profiles.

5.Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens

014a8c0a52db4fe8698fb7911aa224e9.png Created by paragonie-security, PAST is a specification and reference implementation for secure stateless tokens.


693f244bc5577353fc3f39fae4071474.png Created by Arkadiusz Kondas, this machine learning library offers a fresh approach to PHP based machine learning projects.
The library offers a whole host of options including association rule learning, regression, cross-validation and pre-processing.


935236cc4d0dc24ef87459197b6e89e3.png Created by ThePHPLeague, Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction.
Use this library to replace the local file system with a remote file system.

8.Bootstrap CMS

cb612976019a7906d07d01f5f0ca6a16.png This library offers a PHP based CMS that uses Laravel 5.1 and Sentry.
It is maintained by Graham Campbell.


e09e1b77955037d5338b4b680057a381.png Created by Voten, thi library offers a code for creating a realtime social bookmarking platform that is simple to use and offer great flexibility to the developers.


ff8c8259fd53861301e6f3998ae89791.png Created by Bobthecow, PsySH offers a dev console and interactive debugger for PHP projects.
In effect, this repo creates a REPL platform for PHP developers.

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