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October 1, 2018


Welcome “Settings Sync” and “React&Redux in TypeScript — Static Typing Guide” to IssueHunt! We love seeing many projects joining the movement.

We have received over $13K grant last week from the amazing sponsor to post bounties across a variety of interesting projects in the IssueHunt space.

📣 Featured Repositories

Settings Sync


Synchronize your Visual Studio Code Settings Across Multiple Machines using Github GIST.

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React&Redux in TypeScript — Static Typing Guide


The complete guide to static typing in “React & Redux” apps using TypeScript.

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🌈 Currently Leaderboard

These are the top 10 funded issues of currently IssueHunt. Consider when choosing the work. 👷

1, Ant Design: WORKINGDocumentation example request for InputNumber with comma as decimal separator. / $537

2, NW.js: Mac MAS ( signing ) for versions other than 0.19.5 / $500

3, Ant Design: Improve Keyboard UX / $336

4, Settings Sync: Per-platform / per-hostname inline settings / $336

5, Ant Design: Add props to config datepicker year format / $336

6, Settings Sync: add a login(account) option to sync all settings using account / $316

7, Fluent Bit: handle multiline from nested JSON strings / $306

8, NW.js: any plan about auto update? / $296

9, NW.js: Startup Image / Animation support would be nice / $276

10, typesafe-actions: Update typesafe-actions to TypeScript v3.1.0 / $276

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