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Owner will be supported by IssueHunt and other Backers

Issue Hunt is bounty platform for open source launched in 2018. On IssueHunt, anyone can find open issues on Github. Collected funds are distributed to developers and owners of the open source.

Bounty had a positive impact on OSS communities. Some projects increased the number of pull requests by 6 times to 10 times after listing itself on IssueHunt.

IssueHunt will distribute by supporting open source through IssueHunt, members will be able to network with leading open source Communities.

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The IssueHunt team has been receiving bounty requests from OSS owners on a daily basis.

Your contributions will be distributed to promising Open Source projects by the IssueHunt team.

Contribute Monthly





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Several projects listed on Issuehunt increased developers contributions (=number of pull requests) by 6x by raising funds from members.

By supporting open source through IssueHunt, members will able to network with leading open source communities.

Increase Brand Awareness

Since the launch of the IssueHunt in July 2018, many open source projects joined us and many members contributed to projects.

Over 40% of issues with funds have been solved within 2 months. IssueHunt has proved funded issues will accelerate the projects development speed. With our membership program, you can directly support the open source community.