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FundedView intable filterIcon click the first second times will call onChange,but just the first second times ,the second second ....times will not #11164

FightingJanecreated the issue 3 months ago

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win7 google 版本 63.0.3239.132(正式版本)

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Steps to reproduce

click the filterIcon,show filterDropdown, click the filterIcon again ,will alert('test')

What is expected?

not call onChange

What is actually happening?

call onChange

how to prevent from calling onChange?

filterDropDown.js the judge seem to be a bit of a problem:

        key: 'confirmFilter',
        value: function confirmFilter() {
            if (this.state.selectedKeys !== this.props.selectedKeys) {
                this.props.confirmFilter(this.props.column, this.state.selectedKeys);

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