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FundedView inWrong/odd Italian localization in the DatePicker component#12413

ypcreated the issue 10 days ago

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Steps to reproduce

  • Use the LocaleProvider with locale it_IT.
  • Render a DatePicker with showTime={true}
  • Open the popup
  • Click on Selezionare il tempo

What is expected?

The first message in the popup should be Seleziona l'ora and the message to go back to the date picker popu should be Seleziona la data.

What is actually happening?

The first message is Seleziona il tempo (which is non-sense in Italian) and the second one is Select date (which is English).

There are several other odd or wrong messages in the Italian localization of the DatePicker component (and the related ones, such as rc-calendar). I can prepare a PR if you find it useful.

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