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sindresorhuscreated this issue 13 days ago

From the SHFileOperation docs:

This function has been replaced in Windows Vista by IFileOperation.


I wanted to use IFileOperation initially, but couldn't find any good examples of using it in C. Most used it in C++.

Should use the IFileOperation::DeleteItems and IFileOperation::SetOperationFlags(FOFX_ADDUNDORECORD | FOFX_RECYCLEONDELETE | FOF_NOERRORUI | FOF_SILENT | FOFX_EARLYFAILURE) methods.


Switching to then newer API might add support for long paths, not really sure. See:


We can still keep the SHFileOperation around for support for Vista and older, as the FOFX_RECYCLEONDELETE flag requires Windows 8.


Help wanted - My C skills are very much at a noobish level, so any help would be much appriciated :)

Happy to use C++ if that's what it takes. I'm just trying to keep it simple with C.


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