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smbkrcreated the issue 9 days ago

By @shanalikhan

Following are the feature i see for git sync.

1. It should ask either backup needs to be saved on Github Gist or simple Git Repository.
2. Once the User select the Git Repo, it should setup accordingly.
3. Provide user option to either use Github or GitLab and create a repository from there by their profile tokens.
4. By Download means, user can do `git pull` forcefully. 
5. By Upload means, user can do `git push` forcefully.
6. Allow user to setup branches or profiles like `master` and `office` and keep the selected profile / branch in Sync Global Settings and download/ upload to that branch.
7. When user is switched to Gist, it should not upload the Git folder there.
8. Support Github and Gitlab Enterprise versions

Originally by @smbkr

It would be useful to be able to upload the settings to a repo instead of a gist, the way that JetBrains IDEs sync, so that the changes could be versioned and rolled back as desired.


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