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pfftdammitchriscreated the issue 3 months ago

Would you guys want an evernote feature integration with boostnote? It is a widely popular note taking application that spans across platforms (mobile, desktops, web) and is a really effective way to manage notes. I have a section on my evernote account that relates to my developer experiences but I use it to mostly for my personal life. The point is that it would be nice to sync both boostnote and evernote notes in one place so that wherever you edit it in boostnote will propagate to evernote if you choose to link them together, so that you stay on the boostnote app to quickly take notes to your personal notes while your still on the boostnote app.

Evernote has an API and uses markdown so it would integrate pretty smoothly into boostnote. I think this would bring some developers who store their code notes into evernote use boostnote to do it, so we would have more users. (Evernote is lacking heavily on code editor features and syntax highlighting, which is where boostnote will fill up that gap for them). If evernote is their favorite note taking app and they don't want to get away from it but wish they can have some nice code editor features for code notes, they could now use boostnote to make their dreams come true)

If I do this correctly I can try to provide an option when creating a note or editing the note, to link to an evernote note from the evernote api. When you make changes to the note in boostnote, it will sync + save to your note that you have on evernote. If you go on evernote and make a change to that note, then the next time you go to that note in boostnote it will automatically show the latest changes.

So when the user enables a note on boostnote to link to one of their evernote notes, the note will read the option by some boolean check and then begin operating as an observer and throttle a function that gets invoked to request the change to the evernote api


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