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df2k2created the issue 3 months ago

Feature Request

Add the ability to arrange notes in a parent-children hierarchy tree. If possible extend this functionality to be used for Folders and/or Snippets.


I would like to request the ability to organize notes in a hierarchy tree. Allowing notes to be children of other notes would help organize notes as relational items. Unless I am not familiar with functionality that exists, I feel this will reduce the difficulty navigating through many notes stored in a folder.

Notes that contain child notes could feature drop-down arrows that show and hide the child note items. I would prefer the state of open/closed be saved so closing the program will not reset their open/closed status.

Some of my folders with notes are growing quite large. It is also difficult for me to associate and group the notes that feature similar content.


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Notes / Ideas

Setting Relationships

Some suggestions for methods of setting notes to children:

  • Drag and drop as child items to a parent item.
  • Promote / Demote indent so that the indentation of a note item indicates it is the child of it's parent item above.

Notes with Children Snippets

It would be nice if we could add snippet notes as children of markdown notes. This would give the ability to detail a feature/functionality using words and then attach working implementations as snippets. Snippets can be differentiated with an icon and given the ability to click-to-save-as would then allow for the snippet to be duplicated for edit/usage externally (the point being to preserve the integrity of the original file)

Thank You!!


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