IssueHunt Sponsorship Program

IssueHunt is the open source bounty platform launched in 2018. Since the launch, IssueHunt has become a platform used by tens of thousands of developers around the world helping build important OSS projects in the Internet stack.

Sponsors of the program can support open source ecosystem by funding the important open source projects.

Wall of sponsors

Benefit of sponsorship

Increase developers contributions by 6x

Several projects listed on Issuehunt increased developers contributions (=number of pull requests) by 6x by raising funds from sponsors

By supporting open source through IssueHunt, sponsors will able to network with leading open source communities.

Over 40% of issues get solved within 2 months

Since the launch of the IssueHunt in July 2018, many open source projects joined us and many sponsors contributed to projects.

Over 40% of issues with funds have been solved within 2 months. IssueHunt has proved funded issues will accelerate the projects development speed. With our sponsorship program, you can directly support the open source community.