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Connects and rewards projects and developers from all around the world

IssueHunt reward project owners and developers who maintain important open-source software in the internet stack. Collected funds and projects are carefully managed by IssueHunt.

  • Access to talents worldwide

    IssueHunt will find the best talents around the world who are passionate about open-source projects

  • Earn rewards from communities

    Communities will reward you based on amount of your contribution. No more free labor

Who's using IssueHunt?

"IssueHunt has been a big help in getting more people involved in my open source projects. The bounties have enabled me to get a lot of important issues resolved.

I would highly recommend the service to other open source maintainers."

Sindre Sorhus

Maker Β· Full-Time Open-Sourcerer Β· Into Swift and Node.js

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