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kenaniahcreated the issue 2 months ago

Many of the controls do not handle keyboard focus, creating large usability concerns as users should not need a mouse to fill in a form or navigate a page. These components have keyboard usability issues:

  • Checkbox
    • Needs outline when focused
  • Cascader
    • Should close on blur
    • Should open on <kbd>Space</kbd>
    • Should close on <kbd>Esc</kbd>
    • Should allow for keyboard navigation when open:
      • <kbd>Left</kbd>, <kbd>Right</kbd>, <kbd>Up</kbd>, <kbd>Down</kbd> to navigate
      • <kbd>Enter</kbd> to select
  • Datepicker
    • Should accept focus (tabindex)
    • Needs outline when focused
    • Should open when focused
    • Should immediately allow for typing when opened
    • Should close on blur
    • Should close on <kbd>Esc</kbd>

(This list is incomplete, but I will update it to include other components as time allows)


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