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FundedView inInteger as caller depth argument?#4

dycreated this issue 13 days ago

Hi @sindresorhus!

Awesome package, I am using it in save-file and in upcoming audio release.

Unfortunately it turns out that oftentimes we need not the caller path, but caller's caller path. For example, I expect path to be the invocator's path, not the saveAs path:


const saveAs = require('save-file')

//so I expect the file to be placed into `test` directory
//but caller-path inside `saveAs` returns `saveAs` path `.../node_modules/save-file/index.js`
saveAs(buf, 'my-record.wav')

What I do now is use callsites directly here:

var callerPath = callsites()[1].getFileName()

What I'd suggest is passing an id of the caller for that purpose:

var cpath = callerPath(1)

That would not break the current behaviour and at the same time would allow to specify caller. If you need a PR I can come up with one.

Thank you for your time, sincerely,


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